N6EX Repeater Receiver

TK-931 Photo
The receiver used in the N6EX 900 MHz repeater is a modified version of a Kenwood TK-931 trunked mobile transceiver. This radio was first produced in 1990, but is still in Kenwood's product line (as of 2006). Although originally designed to receive over the 935 to 941 MHz band, only minor modifications were required to obtain good receive performance in the 902 MHz amateur repeater band.

The repeater receiver functionality and performance are virtually identical to that of the stock Kenwood TK-931. The only differences are the slight shift in operating frequency and interface changes necessary for integration into the repeater system.

The majority of the information on the receiver is presented on the Receiver Modification Page. Performance characteristics of the modified receiver are presented on the Receiver Performance Page.

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