Microwave Group of San Diego

Last Modified June 28, 2011

The Microwave Group of San Diego is an informal association of Radio Amateurs
interested in the frequencies above 1000 MHz

A net is held on the air each Monday night, except the third Monday of the month, on
the Palomar Amateur Radio Club Repeater, 146.730 (-0.600),(pl 107.2) at 9:00 PM.

Several beacons are currently operating from Mt. San Miguel in Gridsquare DM12MQ
at Lat=32 deg 41.80 min N., and Long =116 deg 56.09 min W, Elevation 2645 ft.

A 10 GHz beacon is gps-locked at 10,368.360 MHz with ID callsign of K6QPV/B.
The beacon has output of 0.5 Watts into a horizontally polarized omni antenna
with a gain of 12 dB.

A 24 GHz beacon is on a frequency of 24192.040 MHz, and is horizontally polarized
with a horn antenna pointed northwest with a beamwidth of 30 degrees. The ERP
of this beacon is +34 dBm. The call sign is K6QPV/B.

A 5.7 GHz beacon is operating on 5760.000 MHz.
The Callsign is K6QPV/B. and transmit power is 2.5 watts to an omni 10 dB gain
waveguide slot antenna.

A 1296 MHz beacon is now operating on 1296.300 MHz with 16 watts
to a horizontal yagi antenna aimed northwest.The Callsign is K6QPV/B.

Workshops and informal meetings are held each month on the third Monday evening
at 7:00 PM, usually at the La Mesa home QTH of Kerry Banke, N6IZW.
Call Kerry, evenings, at (619) 462-2220 for driving directions.

73s from Ed Munn, W6OYJ: 6255 Radcliffe Drive, San Diego, CA 92122
Phone (858) 453-4563. Email: w6oyj@amsat.org
(Member of the San Bernardino Microwave Society since 1955)