A collection of images from SBMS at OVRO

That's a really big dish!

The OVRO 40 meter antenna

Stowed position

Maintenance position

Access to the focus

W6DQ on his way up!

View from the foot of the ladder

Transverter on the way up!

Still going ....

Caught at the top

Bolting it in place

Even Radio Telescopes have name plates!

Control room

Antenna tracking controls

The gang at work

Doug, K6JEY

Chuck, WA6EXV

Tracking control

W6DQ and K6JEY work the 1296 contest

Switch positions

Icom IC-746Pro in a transport case

30 dBm echo on 10 GHz

"Receiver" case being opened

Internals of the transverters

1296 side showing 100 Watt PA and LO

Repairs to the 10 GHz side

Outreach visitors to OVRO on the 40 meter dish

The Core Team, Doug, Mark, Chuck and Dennis

W6DQ finally makes it to the focus ...