Here are some pictures from Mt. Soledad on the first weekend of the 1999 ARRL 10 GHz and up cumulative contest.

Here's Ed, W6OYJ making a contact on X band

Another picture of Ed and his 3 foot dish narrow band 10 GHz rig

Here's Dan KD6PBH standing in back of his 10 GHz gunnplexer rig.

Tony, (me) KC6QHP trying to get his 24 GHz wideband righ running

Art, KC6UQH sitting behind his multi-purpose narrowband/ATV rig

Well, the light meter on the camera is not working too well, so this picture

is quite dark.

Another dark picture showing the whole gang

Kerry, N6IZW operating 10 GHz narrowband

Another one of Kerry with 10 GHz offset feed dish

John, WB6BKR's 10 GHz Qualcomm narrowband rig

Here I am operating my 10 GHz narrowband rig

Me, yelling into the Santec SSB HT

Here's Kerry's dish outfitted with a minimal 24 GHz SSB rig

Finally, here's John, WB6BKR, setting up a contact on the 2m liason