2006 10 GHz & Up contest pictures and links

Keep sending your pictures and or links.......

First weekend:

KE6HPZ & KG6EG around Southern California

KH6WZ Wayne & N6CA Chip in Central California

XE2HWB Bernardo, 4B2HWB Mike, 4C2HWH Frank & XE2/K6DYD Jerry at Baja California DL27

WA6CGR Dave, N6RMJ Pat & W6QIW Steve in Central California

K6JEY Doug, W6DQ Dennis, N9RIN Chris & WB6DJI Mike at Signal Hill & So Calif pics

WA6MEM, Gary DM03tr Palos Verdes

Henry KB7NIE, Steve KJ7OG, Jeff KI5WL, and Bob WA3HRM the Mt. Lemmon, Arizona Group

KC6QHP Tony, WB6DJI Mike & KF6QWC Don on Signal Hill DM03wt

KC6QHP Tony, Tiny radio pics

WA6CDR on San Benito

Second weekend:

N6RMJ and WA6CGR pics from the Central valley

WA6MEM and N6AX pics from Frazier DM04ms with AD6FP, N6LL, K6JEY. W6DQ and KB8VAO

KH6WZ & N6CA pics from Central Valley

N6TEB and N6DN, great pics from So.Cal roving

4B2HWB, XE2HWB, XE2HWH and 4C2HWH pics from the 1st and 2nd weekends

W6OYJ, N6IZW & K6NKC from Soledad and San Miguel