2005 10 GHz & Up contest pictures and links

Be sure a get your pictures ready for putting up here,,,,,,,,,,,

like this one from the over-crowded highways in the Central valley of California

First weekend:

WA6JBD pictures from Bully Choop in Northern California

WA6CGR pictures from Central California

N6RMJ pictures from Central California

KE6HPZ & KG6EG pictures from Southern California

KH6WZ & N6CA pictures from Central California

N9JIM pictures from Loma Prieta in Northern California

WA6CDR pictures from Diablo & St Helena

XEs W6DTA, K6DYD, WB6CWN & W6YLZ 2005 pictures

WA6MEM 2005 pictures

Second weekend

KE6HPZ & KG6EG zooming around the southland (24 stops)

WA6VHS on Palos Verdes and Loop Canyon