WB6CWN 2004, 10 GHz & Up Contest pictures

Frank started out in San diego on Soledad and Mt Miguel and ended up north in the central valley working XE2W6YLZ at 1137 km.

  Franks new 4 footer on San Miguel

  Setup in San Diego Frank worked N6CA North East of Sacramento at 455 Miles (730 km) and K6GZA on Sutter Butte; pretty nice shake down for the new rig!


  Dan K6NKC and John WB6BKR and their 10GHz radios.

Don't let the size of Dan's rig fool you--he heard Chip in Sacramento 454mi to the north.

  John WB6BKR successfully logs his X band contact up the coast with Bill WA6QYR

  W6OYJ Ed with his 24 GHz radio on Soledad     and 10 GHz

  Mystery 10GHz radio on Soledad. Who is the owner???