N6CA/7 in Utah and Nevada 2004 X-Band and Up Contest


  It's been many years, late 1970s, since we travelled to Utah and Nevada and at that time we only took 1296 MHz.

Below: West Mountain Peak, locally known as Utah Hill at 7200 feet, and a very steep road near the top. We easily worked WA6CGR and N6RMJ (1w) on Silver Peak on the East side of the Sierras at 240 miles, W6AT on Keller Peak at 240 miles and KE6HPZ in Huntington Beach at 340 miles and WA6CDR on Signal Hill. Several attempts were made with the Sacramento area with N6JV but conditions prevented this over the Sierras path from working. Mountains in every direction, no coastal ducting here. I'll be back! 1920 total miles driven this year running around. This was the first attempt to work into metropolis Southern California on 10 GHz from Utah and the path is there as predicted. Conditions could have been better. Maybe next year we'll be back with a longer stay earlier in the summer. It looks like hurricane Javier wiped out the guys in Mexico, the cold storm front messed up Northern California propagation and the wind blew everyone off the mountain tops in the middle.......

  The Southern Calif shot     Utah Hill     St George, Utah

      towards Mesquite and Las Vegas

      Windy and attempting to hide behind building


  the road coming up     Gunlock Lake to the North


Nevada, Low Potosi, 30 miles SW of Las Vegas. We were able to easily work Southern California as planned and we made the first Nevada to Mexico and 10 GHz working XE2/N6XQ near Ensenada, BC Sur at around 300 miles.

      This is how you keep your dish from falling over in the wind.

    The shot to Los Angeles    Looking towards Las Vegas

      Views of Low Potosi approaching from Jean and Goodsprings Nevada.