KH6WZ Wayne, 2004, 10 GHz & Up Contest pictures

Wayne worked his best DX ever at 500 miles down into Mexico during the first weekend of the 2004 contest!

  Sunday night at DM03xq, Huntington Beach (PCH and Goldenwest)

  Wayne trying to jump start his car from the battery in his radio......

  KC6QHP loaner rig

  KC6QHP loaner rig for 24GHz wideband

  Wayne and Dennis on Signal Hill, DM03wt


Second contest weekend and new rig pics:

    FRANKINSPIRED 10GHz rig under construction, Thursday, Sept 16, 2004. The rig's name comes from inspiration after looking at WB6CWN, Frank’s radio. Notice the heatsink-on-plywood construction.

  Still under construction, Friday, Sept 17, 2004. Rig functionally good enough at 05:45 local time Saturday Sept 18. 11W SSPA installed but not yet hooked up. LNA also to be installed soon!

  Close-up of fuse block and power distribution panel

  Transporting the Prodelin dish on KH6WZ's Honda. . .

  Would you believe WA6NIA's vehicle has room for THREE complete microwave stations and other gear, with room to spare? This monster truck has more room than my bedroom at home!

  Kurt, K6RRA at Signal Hill South

  Dennis, WA6NIA at Signal Hill South

  The winds were strong at Secret Site 51!

  Bill, WA6QYR at SS51

  Dave, N6TEB working from SS51

  CRASH at SS51

  Setup on HWY 2 overlook

  Chopper fly-by whilst on SS51

  Slight damage to waveguide feed on FRANKINSPIRED. Notice the quick-release mechanism.

  Condors (imported) at SS51