KG6EG & N6CA 2004 contest pictures

Larry KG6EG and Chip N6CA had a great time running around trying for some really long haul 10 GHz contacts. We left Thursday morning for Sacramento, spent the next two nights at W6SR Rick WB6OKK Karen's QTH (Thanks for a nice visit!).We tried to work XE2/W6YLZ and XE2/K6DYD in Mexico at around 830 miles but no signals were heard. Maybe next year we'll try again. Of all the places I've roved I really like the Central Valley of California the best. 1060 miles of driving so far in this contest. Next month it's Utah and Nevada. for another 900 miles plus.

 KG6EG  The new 4 footer out for the first time operating from the QTH of KI6CG....Thanks George!

    Looking for XE2/W6YLZ in Mexico at 830 miles from Grass Valley........nada

  A view from a hill top       CM98MQ, Worked WB6CWN in San Diego at 454 miles (730 km), We met K6QG and N6JV in Sacramento area.

  CQ DX on X-Band    "Oh no, I can't believe I did that".........

     CM97ju South of Stockton, CA, near the dump.... It's much easier to put the 30 inch Prodelin dish up than the 4 footer.


    DM06bo South of Fresno, CA

 Kettleman City, CA , DM05ax   A "cloud of dust and a hi ho silver away" as Frank WB6CWN roars away after a visit to Kettleman

     Next to the irrigation canals in DM06bk...looks like the "Martian Chronicles" to me.....

    Up on a mound of dirt in DM05CF, still haven't found a car wash......


    DM05HV, 98+ degrees temp next to the grape vines,.....Larry said they were tasty