W6OYJ 2003 Microwave Contest Pictures


(above) Dan KF6NKC, Jim NE6O, and John WB6BKR on Mt

Soledad, 10 Ghz, August 16,2003

Bill WA6QYR in Santa Barbara working WA6EXV

at Goleta Beach on 24 GHz, 9 km. Sept 20, 2003.

Chuck WA6EXV on 10 GHz at Goleta Beach Sept 20,

2003, working the guys in Baja, 627 Km.

Kerry, N6IZW at Lake Murray San Diego with 47 and

24 GHz rigs ready to work WB6IGP. Sept 21,2003.

Kerry, N6IZW aiming laser Xcvr across Lake Murray

to work WB6IGP. Sept 21, 2003

Chuck, WB6IGP aiming laser Xcvr at N6IZW across the

lake. Sept 21, 2003.

View across the lake. N6IZW Laser spot is visible

just above shoreline on far side of lake, to the right of the boat.