WA6JBD 2003 Microwave Contest Pictures


(above) The view from Ranger Peak, looking SW toward Santiago.

This is the x-band rig set up on Ranger Peak, where the lookout tower used to be. A great view from the top, almost 360 degrees.

Ever notice the similarities between a dish antenna and an airfoil. The is the 24 ghz rig after a dust devil picked it AND the 35 amp hour battery. Tripod, rig, and battery were picked up, became airborn, and flew over the side onto the rocks. I was just about ready to make the first 24 ghz contact of the contest...

Close up of the battered and bruised 24 ghz rig. The dish is no longer a true parabola, the IF radio has a nice dent on the top. Did I mention that I'm filing 10 GHz only this year?

XYL Tisza, and the trail to the vehicle. It's a long way to carry 150 ah batteries! At least I didn't have to carry the 24 GHz rig all the way back down.

73, Mel