de N6XQ/XE2 & XE2ED in DM11 & DM12

from the 2003, 10 GHz & Up Microwave Contest


 Setup at Punta Santo Tomas, DM11pn

 North view from my operating position. The house is abandoned. The far ridge line extends to the west to form Punta Banda (DM11pr) some 12 miles away.

 30 inch Marine Corps offset fed dish. Fiberglass dish portion is assembled in 3 pieces for easy backpacking. The custom milk crate contains a DB6NT Xcvtr and a Qualcomm 1W amp.

 Looking toward smogville over the picturesque shoreline.

Looking SE. The ridge line is the actual punta and a small fishing village is on the other side.

Looking toward smogville . I flew the small R/C aircraft during the few lulls on X band.

Roman,XE2ED in the hills above Tijuana Beach, DM12kh

Jack, N6XQ, operating his milk crate radio in the hills above Tijuana Beach, DM12kh