photos by Frank XE2/WB6CWN

Da guys... The group shot is from the San Quentin volcanos--DM10xl Left to right: Miguel XE2/W6YLZ, Jerry XE2/K6DYD, Ken XE2/WB6DTA and Dave, XE2/WB6TFC

The one seascape is the view looking south at Punta Baja, DL29cx (below)

The sunrise shot with Miguel waving by my van is from the Vizcaino desert, DL27 (below)

The cactus scape is from the beautiful Baja Central Desert (below)

Miguel XE2/W6YLZ at Punta Baja looking north up the coast. (below)

The last picture is our yucca tree solar shower and the radio path up the coast from DL27 (below)

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