W6YLZ pictures from 2001 contest

Robin WA6CDR listening intently to weak signal on Frazier CW?

YLZilla, taking a break on his way to his highest score ever, 28,028 points!

W6YLZ 10 GHz station: 27 inch MaCom dish (needs better feed), 750 mW, 2.4 db noise figure. 440 FM radio for laiison on Cactus. Radio Shack DSP unit on top.

Glenn, KE6HPZ on Frazier Sept 16th.

"Elmer" Dave WA6CGR on Heaps Peak Sept 15th. Kickin' back between 10 & 24 GHz activity.

Chuck, N6EQ, first time out (r front) and Dave WA6CGR (l) Dick WB6DNX (cntr l) and Bill, WA6QYR.

Robin, WA6CDR taking a break with his rig,,,which keeps him warm in his van. Sept 16 Mt Frazier.

Heaps Peak Sept 15, 2001, view to the West.

Heaps Peak, view to the North overlooking Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains

Bill WA6QYR + Dave WA6CGR discussing Dave's 10 & 24 GHz setup on Heaps Peak Sept 16, 2001

As the sun sets on my (W6YLZ) radio whilst on Frazier....ahhhhh

Frazier Mt. August 17th. OK the 12 VD deep cycle battery died, but I still needed those few new 10 GHz contacts before midnight. Ye ole van comes to the rescue!

One of the premiere sites in Southern California. They stole Mt Pinos from us! "YLZilla knows which side his bread is buttered on to work a few long haul ones"

Sunset on Frazier Aug 16th 2001

Big Frank, WB6CWN and the "big gun" + the big signal on 10 GHz from Frazier mountain.

Frank, W6QI operating from Frazier Mt. 1 watt, 1 foot dish and a Yaesu 817 for an IF.

YLZillas rig hit by Murphy on Frazier Mt, August 2001 With help from Frank WB6CWN and Gary AD6FP who pressed his soldering iron into action, the yellow lead was resoldered back onto the amplifier board and Shizzam, YLZilla is back on the air!

Lars, AA6IW from his portable mobile position. Frazier Mt. Sept 01

Gary, AD6FP and Frank W6QI are trying to comprehend the intricacies of the YLZilla 10 GHz box!

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