K6JEY pictures from the 2001 contest

Borrego Springs, morning N.W. Paln Canyon Resort, How about if we just set up in the pool for the day?


K6JEY, K6JMA, Borrego, 2340 feet looking North East


K6JEY Signal Hill looking South. "He says he wants to switch to CW....what's that?"


Borrego Springs, 127 deg F...Working Mt. Laguna towards San Diego.


Borrego Springs, looking South, "Who you looking for?"


Signal Hill, WB6DNX, WA6PAZ, K6JEY & K6JMA. "We have to move again?"


Joe. K6JMA testing new rig. "Which way is the contest?"


K6JMA hearing the PV beacon..."PV at last"


Signal Hill,WB6DNX, WA6PAZ, K6JEY & K6JMA. "What if we all tranamitted together, could we work him then?"


K6JEY on Signal Hill looking North working Frazier. "In case it rains, Why?"


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