Year 2000 10 GHz & Up Contest pictures

Doug, (el presidente kimosabe) K6JEY operating his 24 GHz gear.


Gary, AD6FP who now has the North American 24 GHz record with K6GZA up north. Gary's rig is 500 milliwatts on 24 GHz ssb and a dual band feed for 10 & 24 GHz.


The red thingy in the middle of the dish is supposed to give an extra 3.65 db gain.....another secret weapon from up north?


Helen (xyl of K6JEY), K6JEY and Mel on Frazier, Mel taking a few moments away from the contest to tie his shoes....


Mel, WA6JDB, sending CW with alligator clip leads ( 35 wpm) to Robin WA6CDR way up north.


Kurt K6RRA, Dave WA6CGR and Doug K6JEY on Signal Hill near Long Beach.

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