N6CA Omni X-band antenna (at home)

Omni antenna plots

Hiding amongst the trees at the moment, antenna is at 18 feet. So far I have easily worked Jack N6XQ inside his house at 96 miles down the coast. The Frazier beacon is about 80 miles away running the same antenna and is S5 to S7 almost all of the time.

I have plans of running copper water pipe for wave guide to back of house and up chimney to about 30 feet off ground. It will be interesting to compare the difference between the two antennas.

Feedline is two 10 foot sections of of straignt rectangular WR90 and a little over ten feet of ellipitical EW90 wave guide. Radio is running 10 watts at the moment. It's nice to have an outside X-band antenna to monitor beacons an provide a real signal to work anyone who is out there.....

Routing of the EW90 flex (sorta) waveguide.

Regular square flanges WR90 were adapted to the 8 bolt WR90 rectangular flanges by milling flat, drilling and tapping the 8 bolt flanges.

73 Chip N6CA