Space Ball mods

de N6CA Jan 2005



More pictures will be added when the assembly is completed. The Azimuth and Elevation assemblies are identical. There are limit switches to stop motor drive.

+24 VDC (200 ma) must be applied to the brake to allow the motor to drive. The gear motor needs 300 ma approximately at 12 VDC.

A schematic of the drive electronics will be posted shortly.

The completed machanical assembly with a 1k 10 turn 0.25% linearity pot installed

The two halves are press fit together makes removeable difficult.

The top was machined to allow a sliding mount to make it adjustable. It was way too critical to mount the pot without the adjustability.

The pot is driven using a gear from a spare motor. It is mounted in the same place as the motro but on the otherside of the plate.

The inner bearing surface was opened up a few thousanths to eliminate the "press-fit" making it much easier to re-assemble