Paul Lieb, KH6HME has provided theWest coast of the United States with quite possibly the best VHF and UHF DX in the world for over 20 years now. His tireless efforts have resulted in thousands of contacts on all ham bands from 160 meters thru 6 cm.

Paul has installed the new upgrades for 10 GHz and has been running with N6CA on 10 GHz for the past two ducting seasons. We have about nine hours of actual key down 100 KW erp carrier so far using the new xband gear. Maybe 2007 will be the year.

GoogleEarth link to the site on Mauna Loa

Link to more KH6HME station pictures


The site up on Mauna Loa

Pauls equipment

The famous visitor door

The KH6HME/b antennas for 144 MHz built by Paul.

Filters for the beacon and the 2m repeater

The KH6HME/b antennas for 432 MHz built by Paul.

 link to the 1296 MHz beacon

100 elements on 1296

Paul, with his 4 foot dish and the 2304 feed.

new X-band radio construction page

below: Aerial views of the Mauna Loa volcano site, 8200 feet elevation.


Back around 1980, Bob W6PJA (silent key) built the 432 beacon for Paul. That started it all. Paul's enthusiasm for VHF and up has never diminished. It has kept all of us going all these many years.

Joe K6ZMW introduced me to Paul. Paul and I "snitched" the 1296 world record from Wally VK6KZ way back then. Wally, a long time energetic microwave from down under had occasion to vist Paul in Hawaii years ago. Wally still attacks all of the microwave bands to this day and does a lot of roving around Perth.

updated June 8, 2004